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Get into Great Shape


Emily Reynolds is a World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (WBFF) pro Diva Bikini athlete, an International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) pro bikini athlete, O’Neill 365 Icon, figure champion, competition coach, personal trainer, nutritional and wellness consultant, fitness personality and model.

You Don’t Need a Big Budget to Get into Great Shape

Turn your living room, bedroom or yard into your own private workout studio. Clear some space and take your commercial break fitness!

Go through each one for a full body workout that doesn’t even require any equipment! You can even do this workout in a hotel room when you are on vacation or traveling.

More Fitness Ideas

• Go local: Check out your homeowners association or apartment complex to see if they have a gym. These are free to you so there are no excuses.

• Try the library: Go to your local library and check out some exercise DVDs to change up your routine. Pop one in your DVD player or computer and get to it! Ask friends what workout videos they have at home and see if you can borrow some to get going.

• Get online: has MILLIONS of 100 percent free workout videos. Everything from your average person demonstrating a few of their favorite moves, to professional fitness trainers walking you through a full body burn.

• Play outdoors: Run, walk, hike, bike, climb some stairs. You’d be surprised at how many things you can find outside to work yourself out underneath a sunny sky or starry night.

Last but not least, if you have a gym membership, use it! If you don’t use it because you’re not sure what to do once you get there, don’t feel alone.
I hear all the time how overwhelmed people are at the gym, not knowing if a machine is for arms or legs. It can be intimidating.

Even if you are not new to your gym, I encourage you to go in and ask for a formal tour of the facility. You can use this time to ask the friendly and willing gym staff any questions you have such as:

• Where are the shoulder machines?

• What do you recommend I use to workout my glutes?

Also inquire about the classes they have and ask for the weekly schedule so that you can post it on your fridge. Generally, these classes are free with your membership, so take advantage. See if they have weekend boot camps, too. These can be a great way to kick start a healthy weekend and keep you on track!

Whatever you do, just get moving! The first step is always the hardest. But your body will thank you for it!

Get more healthy lifestyle tips in my “Eat Clean to Stay Lean” ebook!


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15 Minute Inferno Fat Burning Workout – Weight Loss Exercises – Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Fat

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Harmony Earth 30 days Energy Diet.

Harmony Earth 30 days Energy Diet. Ten simple secrets to harmonize your body with the Earth and Increase Your Energy and Vibration in 30 Days! Harmony Earth 30 days Energy Diet.
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Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

for Fat Loss

Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Backed by scientific research in Canada, the United States States and Australia, Turbulence Training, and short burst proven system continued to help thousands of men and women employed to radically transform the way they look and feel.

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The Paleo Solution or Wheat Belly? A quick comparison between two books on eating paleo with a wheat-and-gluten-free diet (99-CENT REVIEWS)

The Paleo Solution or Wheat Belly? A quick comparison between two books on eating paleo with a wheat-and-gluten-free diet (99-CENT REVIEWS)

The Paleo Solution or Wheat Belly? A quick comparison between two books on eating paleo with a wheat-and-gluten-free diet (99-CENT REVIEWS)


Ever since the Atkins diet came on the scene with its “topsy-turvy” advice of eating meats and avoiding carbs, people have became more and more aware of the “carbs are the enemy” school of diet.

More recently, two books that have come to the fore are *Wheat Belly* by William Davis and *The Paleo Solution* by Robb Wolf. Both these books continue in the con-carbs vein, with their own unique twists.

Well, bu


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Weight Loss System

Weight Loss System
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Weight Loss System

Q&A: What is best web site for starting Low Carb diet?

Question by Kacy H: What is best web site for starting Low Carb diet?
I dont want to buy a book, and I dont want a page that wants to sell me stuff.

I would like to know whats the best site for getting info on starting Low Carb diet. One that includes overview, food lists, suggestions, pros/cons. Issues to watch out for, recipe suggestions.. and a little bit of everything.

Best answer:

Answer by Joe N
search ‘ketosis diets’ online

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

FitBrit beginner gym workout

FitBrit beginner gym workout

FitBrit’s Beginning Program makes personal training affordable and accessible for all.

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The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide

The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide

The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide

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Deliciously G-Free: Food So Flavorful They’ll Never Believe It’s Gluten-Free

Deliciously G-Free: Food So Flavorful They'll Never Believe It's Gluten-Free

From the author of The G-Free Diet and the co-host of ABC’s The View comes a vital book about scrumptiously satisfying gluten-free food—with easy-to-follow recipes, healthy tips, and full-color photographs throughout—for families managing celiac disease as well as anyone who is concerned about their intake of wheat and other grains.

Growing up in a home where everyone came together at the dinner table, Elizabeth Hasselbeck savored the signature meatball, lasagna, and ziti dishes