Pronating Feet (flat feet)

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Dr. Tegan A. Thimesch, DPM talks about the different types of Flat Feet, Flat Feet symptoms and Flat Feet treatments.

14 Commentsto Pronating Feet (flat feet)

  1. bishopbane says:

    What oisin said.

  2. David Bidder says:

    you are not getting anywhere near enough views, quality information

  3. Francis MacShane says:

    Good advice, can you make a video demonstrating the exercises you mentioned?

  4. Theroncewasagrl says:

    Thank you Chris!

  5. Eric Mitri says:

    Stupid iPad not letting me delete the last post. I meant do u suggest not wearing cross trainers or anything at all when training

  6. Eric Mitri says:


  7. Eric Mitri says:

    When youre saying bare minimum on your feet r u advocating to not use cross training

  8. Brandon Kenchanh says:

    I’m flat footed :( 

  9. CombatPandaHD says:

    Thanks a LOT for this video. My knees bow in when I squat because my feet are flat!

  10. Curbstomper10b says:


  11. JDlmFUPR says:

    good follow up to this: ‘kelly baggett – 5 keys to becoming a forefoot dominant athlete’

  12. fordskool says:

    When you say bare minimum on your feet, are you saying that cos the Jordan’s have a flat sole whereas a running shoe just has sole on fore foot and heel? Or cos the jordans are big and chunky?

  13. omgitsmattsutube says:

    walk in bare feet……. that all you have to do

  14. Andrew da Silva says:

    Never heard of dragging a towel with your toes.. I don’t have flat feet but I’ll def start doing those and mention it to friends! Good channel, great job!

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