Q&A: Where can i find custom crossfit journals?

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Question by Shana L.: Where can i find custom crossfit journals?
Im looking for a custom crossfit journal to track weightlifting and crossfit workouts. I would ideally like to be able to customize the cover – I’ve seen this for affiliates, but not for individuals

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Answer by Eli Gomez
Journal Menu makes customized journals for affiliates and individuals. For individuals you can choose the content and make your own cover while the affiliates can create custom pages as well as choose the content included. If you are looking for a custom WOD tracking journal, http://www.journalmenu.com is a great place to check out.

Affiliates: http://www.journalmenu.com/journal-menu-for-affiliate-owners/
Individuals: http://www.journalmenu.com/custom-journals/
Nutritional: http://www.journalmenu.com/nutrition-journals/

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