Is it possible to lose 15 pounds. From now until 25 August?

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riffraff777 question : Is it possible to lose 15 pounds. From now until 25 August Please tell me its possible Best Answer: Response

by leavemebe_11

but it will not be easy. Enter below your answer to this question!

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  1. ohLALA says:

    It sure is!
    Just do sit ups/crunches daily, and run a little – and eat healthier!

  2. Ginkgo says:

    Yes, you can do it. It is mostly NOT your fault, if you need to lose weight. The way you have been taught to eat is responsible for making obesity the number one health problem in the world (according to Atlantic Monthly magazine) replacing hunger and infectious disease. So you are a victim of this pandemic (epidemic).

    You need to re-learn how to eat. Find out about fastest way to lose weight, slow ways to lose weight, most effective exercise and anti-water. Lose bodyfat and retained water which also makes you a lot fatter (bloated). Learn everything on site below. Do this and you can be thin.

    Do this not, and you will remain part of the biggest pandemic in all of history. Due to this pandemic, for the first time in 100 years, the children of Americans have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Plus click on “Pure Water” to make sure the wateryou drink doesn’t hurt you.

  3. Tracy says:

    It’s possible, but you will have to cut your daily calories, exercise frequently, and most importantly: STICK TO IT.

  4. eyeheartmydog says:

    Of course it is. And very easy if you really MEAN it.
    Watch your diet by eating salads, yogurt (low fat of course) lots of fruits & veggies. Skinless chicken & fish. Drink a lot of water.
    Exercise intensely for at least 30 minutes every day…
    The first 10 lbs is “water” fat and will come off quickly the rest you will have to work off.
    The only way to lose weight is to burn up more calories than you take in. Best of luck

  5. John S says:

    It really depends how much you weigh and how much you want to change.

    I have lost 15 pounds since May 20, 2006

    I really had been eating more than I needed to.

    Just by cutting down on my serving size, I lost nearly 10 pounds. Then I began exercising three minutes a day and lost another five pounds. I seem to have leveled of for the last two weeks. Guess if I am serious about achieving a healthy weight, I will have to rethink what I am eating and the importance of exercise.!!

  6. yumm says:

    yes you can if yr really serious about it. this is a great weight loss program that ive done and you might like

  7. reid2015 says:

    Sure. Cut your carbs way back and do high protein. Don’t forget to drink your water!

  8. steph2cute91 says:

    yea go to it is awesome…

  9. Stephen says:

    anything is possible, if you just stay motivated and if you place a goal, be like “ok, i am ___pounds and i wanna be ___pounds” think before and after like “i was ___pounds and now i am fit and i weight ____pounds!!” good luck=)

  10. Mike says:

    The following healthy living recommendations will help you if you’re trying to lose weight, tone up your muscles, have aspirations of building lean muscle mass, are attempting to get a wash board stomach, or just want to feel better:

    *1) Burn more calories then you’re consuming everyday and measure your results using the following formula: Calories Consumed minus Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) minus Physical Activity. Get a fitness calculator that you can put on your cell phone and computer. This will allow you to easily calculate this formula, log your daily calorie consumption, and register your physical activities.

    *2) Eat natural and organic foods found on earth versus something created by a corporation to make money. Eat meals in small portions throughout the day and take a good multi-vitamin supplement.

    Avoid “High Glycemic Load Carbs” (sugar, pastries, desserts, refined starches such as breads, pasta, refined grains like white rice; high starch vegetables such as white potatoes) and drink lots of water.

    Do not try fad diets or diet pills. Here is an excellent food pyramid that anyone can follow:

    *3) Exercise on most days by doing cardiovascular training and/or resistance training activities.

    Read a book or find a certified trainer to make sure your doing all resistance training exercises correctly. A great book to buy that teaches you the resistance training basics is “Weight Training for Dummies”. A superb magazine to buy with excellent resistance training routines that will not get you bored is “Muscle and Fitness”. Signup for the free newsletter.

    A good book to buy that teaches you the cardiovascular training basics is “Fitness for Dummies”.

    *4) Get plenty of sleep. Sleep experts say most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for optimum performance, health, and safety.

    *5) Educate yourself continually on health issues and make a life long commitment to good health. A great free publication is “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005”. A superb book to read is “You The Owner’s Manual”. An excellent periodic publication is the “Nutrition Action Health Letter”. A reputable test you can take to measure your biological age is at

    Look at all areas where you can enhance your health. For example, make improvements in the quality of the air you breathe. Review outdoor air quality forecasts where you live and get an indoor air purifier. Email me if you want a good indoor air purifier recommendation and if you have other questions.

    *Click on all the source links below to get the full benefit of the recommendations. The answers presented to your health questions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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