Looking to being a Vegan diet, which books have the best recipes?

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Question by Tiger21: Looking to being a Vegan diet, which books have the best recipes?
It’s hard to change from the Standard american diet to an alternative one, but I’m trying to improve my health through diet. Eating the same foods every week makes it very hard to stick too. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Kirbyish
Vegan With a Vengeance! The recipes are really easy and delicious.

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  1. • ιиfaмoυs • says:

    usually they’ll have them in your local bookstore or library. you can also look some up online. heres a site i found that has a whole bunch of them:


    hope i helped :) good luck with the recipies :]

  2. Abram B says:

    If you’re serious about losing weight you MUST try Acai Berry! I first heard about on Oprah, and I ordered a 14-day FREE trial from this site. I’ve already lost some weight and I’ve got tons more energy.

  3. Kim N says:

    I don’t know how good of a cook you are or what types of foods you like. Some cookbooks are very complicated, or include a lot of exotic ingredients that are hard to find. My best suggestion is go to your library and book store. Spend some time looking through veggie cookbooks to find one’s that fit your needs.

  4. Ann Marie R says:

    oh man there are so many like veganomicon is awesome but do what i do and go to your local library ask for books on vegan and they should have some or they can transfer books on it from other libraries like i do and get the ones that are the most recently published like i go back only to 2001 also try vegan sites
    http://veggielinks.com (really good site it has links to all vegan sites in one place)

    good luck and congrats on your new lifestyle choice

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