Q & A: What is good for the Mediterranean eat breakfast?

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What is good for breakfast mediterranean hello eat! I decided to eat the Mediterranean diet, but if even before I started. For what to eat for breakfast? Find best breakfast anywhere that in the diet. Do you think it will be good from the start. Can you tell me what to eat or where can I find recipes and breakfast or perhaps book reviews Best answer:.

answer Mobil_Svar
Hello, Mediterranean cuisine is inspired! I suggest you search search sites revenue, etc.. Our little habits seem different here than in northern Europe, southern Europe, but yogurt, nuts and fruits are tasty and nutritious breakfast ingredients. Mobile

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  1. Diane B. says:

    When I was on a Greek island, breakfast was fresh chopped tomatoes + chopped raw onions + something like Italian dressing (plus some kind of hearty bread).

    There are lots more possibilities for breakfasts eaten all around the Mediterranean though…just a few examples:

  2. Ghiz says:

    If you’re talking about the Mediterranean Coast, the Coast is long and the food in Spain is different compared to Turkey. My parents are from a small village from the Med Coast in Morocco, close to the borders with Spain and they eat:

    - Bread with olive oil. With a tray of some olive oil and use the bread to dip it.
    - Egg/omelet
    - Cup of coffee or mint tea
    - Vegetables or salad

    I really wonder if it’s healthy. They used to walk a lot as there were almost no good public transportation.

    If your talking about a diet to lose weight, I can’t help you.

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