Recommendations for a good book, how to get a gluten-free diet balanced diet?

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Bess2002 question : Recommendations for a good book on how to maintain a balanced diet, gluten free diet I would try to see cutting out gluten from my diet, when? it helps, but a health problem, the bin with maintaining a healthy diet and équilibrée.Je not a very creative cooking or shopping, so I would not make recommendations for books on how to appreciate a balanced gluten-free diet, as well as books good recipes for gluten-free health (if possible with ingredients that are not too hard in the United States). ! Thanks Best Answer:

answer by Bev B

Hello – Have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, if you go see a doc gastrointestinal (GI) and ask for the blood test for gliadin proteins. If you test positive regime, you’ll know in a few weeks, then you will avoid gluten as permanent. Anyway, talk to your doctor or a GI or an expert in nutrition first. As celiac disease for five years, I struggled with “what to eat” and bought a lot of cookbooks gluten free (good for a start, but if you are carbohydrates not cut so hot try) What were correct but if I and my normal eating routine Joy of Cooking am, I noticed that most of the recipes are already gluten-joy, and you can easily in other flours for wheat flour (but not in baking, as a rule). Good luck. Add your own answer in the comments!

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  1. Glutenfreegirl says:

    Hi. I too reccomend you get properly diagnosed with celiac before starting any gluten free diet. Reasons? Because going gluten free if you do NOT have Celiac can mask other health symtpoms bc many ppl generally feel better on the GF diet.
    Secondly, if u did decide to get tested AFTER starting the gluten free diet, you’ll have to resume eating gluten and presumably, it makes u feel bad, so why torture yourself? Visit the links I list for what to get tested for and you might want to do that route first.

    That beign said, here are my fave ideas:

    Gluten Free Gourmet by Bette Hagman
    Cooking WIthout by Carol Fenster
    Wheat Free and Gluten Free for Kids and Busy Adults, by Connie Sarros
    Celiac Disease a Hidden Epidemic by Dr PEter Greene
    Living Wheat and Gluten Free for Dummies by Danna KOrn

    SItes: (testing info here)

    Feel free to email me privately for further help.

  2. A M says:

    Hi, celiac huh? Good luck in going gluten free. Remember gluten is what holds things together, you will have to make most of your food yourself, without preservatives. Processed foods bother me alot. You can learn to substitute, rye bread or potato bread instead of wheat. Read up on gluten on the internet, you will find a lot. Veggies and fruit, you can’t go wrong.

  3. john f says:

    These two links may be helpful to you.

  4. Traci A says:

    Check out
    It is a directory of web links for all things gluten-free.

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