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Recommendations for a good book, how to get a gluten-free diet balanced diet?


Bess2002 question : Recommendations for a good book on how to maintain a balanced diet, gluten free diet I would try to see cutting out gluten from my diet, when? it helps, but a health problem, the bin with maintaining a healthy diet and équilibrée.Je not a very creative cooking or shopping, so I would not make recommendations for books on how to appreciate a balanced gluten-free diet, as well as books good recipes for gluten-free health (if possible with ingredients that are not too hard in the United States). ! Thanks Best Answer:

answer by Bev B

Hello – Have not been diagnosed with celiac disease, if you go see a doc gastrointestinal (GI) and ask for the blood test for gliadin proteins. If you test positive regime, you’ll know in a few weeks, then you will avoid gluten as permanent. Anyway, talk to your doctor or a GI or an expert in nutrition first. As celiac disease for five years, I struggled with “what to eat” and bought a lot of cookbooks gluten free (good for a start, but if you are carbohydrates not cut so hot try) What were correct but if I and my normal eating routine Joy of Cooking am, I noticed that most of the recipes are already gluten-joy, and you can easily in other flours for wheat flour (but not in baking, as a rule). Good luck. Add your own answer in the comments!

What is the best book and / or website on the pH balance of the body: alkaline vs. acid?

question Joyce : What is the best book and / or website on the pH balance of the body: alkaline vs. acid? I want a book and / or a good website that will inspire and motivate me to change my diet. I’m looking for the best sources also help to convince my family of the importance of going alkaline. The information must be accurate and should not lead to false claims. I sometimes check the ratings ‘s, but not to be confused with mixed reviews and information powers author sometimes questionable. Thanks for your help in finding the right information Best Answer:

response from Rebecca L

I do not know if this is the best, but my mother got a book titled The alkalize or when my stepfather died of cancer. He had to help a lot of foods and recipes you change your eating habits. You must decide for yourself whether you think this is a good book but I do not know much about it because I laminated. Enter below your answer to this question!

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