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Fit After Pregnancy – Allyson Genovese


Fit After Pregnancy


Allyson started out as a certified boot camp instructor and since then has become a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She competed in her first WBFF Fitness Atlantic competition taking second place in her category and was awarded her pro card in her second show. She has appeared in World Physique Magazine, has been a model of fitness wear in the Caribbean Islands  is a frequent special guest on FTNS radio and has appeared in the movie “The Heat” and a hip hop music video.

Fit After Pregnancy

Having a baby is the most joyous time of any woman’s life, but after 9 months of weight gain and watching your body get larger and larger, a woman may start to wonder if she will be able to lose the weight, as quickly as she gained it.  I have always been a thin woman but I would not say I was “fit”.  During my pregnancy I was taunted by women who would make comments that I should not expect to ever be thin again; or that pregnancy will ruin my body.  I began to believe what these women would say. I was bothered by their comments and feared that I would never lose the weight. I wanted to prove them wrong and prove to myself that losing the weight was achievable. I was motivated but wasn’t sure where to start.  I had joined gyms in the past and used personal trainers, but I never saw the results I was looking for.


We always hear about “Diet and Exercise” but what does it actually mean? I had to learn about CLEAN eating.  I had to take my workouts to a level I never thought possible. I think the biggest misconception about losing weight is, people often confuse eating clean as a diet. A diet to me restricts what you can and cannot eat. I have always been a good eater; I cook fresh home cooked meals and do not rely on the closest fast food restaurant. I didn’t have to change much, but I needed to realize when I had a craving for something sweet I could still have it on my cheat day and not at that point in time of my craving. I had to look temptation right in the eye and beat it!

I fed my body every 2-3 hours, sounds easy right? Not so much when you are taking care of an infant. My worst enemy was that I did not eat breakfast. I would not eat my first meal until lunch. Once I was able to train my body, it became very natural to eat small meals every 2-3 hours. The second misconception I had was eating that many meals would make me gain weight. I learned you need to eat the right foods and have the proper exercise program to give your body the fuel it needs.

I am often asked where I find the time to juggle my family and workouts. It is very simple; you find and make the time for yourself. For me, it is very easy. I want my daughter to grow up proud of her mother. I want to teach her to live a healthy life style. With the epidemic of child obesity and obesity in general, it is up to me to teach my family the importance of living a happy and healthy life.

I have become so motivated and so dedicated to living a healthy style, that I have reached my ultimate goals of inner belief, self-confidence and an amazing body! I am now a Fitness Model, a certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and most importantly a mom! I competed in the WBFF Fitness Atlantic Competition taking second place in the Diva Model Division and Fourth place in the Diva Bikini Division in my first show and ultimately being awarded my Pro Card at my second show.  I have been featured in magazines, commercials, a Sandra Bullock movie, a music video and am a frequent special guest on a fitness radio show.

So many women have told me how inspired they are from hearing my story. I hope to continue to inspire other mother’s and women around the world, that they too have it within them to reach their goals, especially after having a baby!!

Allyson Genovese

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