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Can somebody give me a weight loss gym workout program for women?


Question by Mr. Akukibara: Can somebody give me a weight loss gym workout program for women?
I can’t find a free weight loss program for women that we can do for a week. Everything is for men.

Best answer:

Answer by Jason Lim
In fact, a lot of weight loss tips that available in the internet, it is not only exclusively for men, but you can implement it to you as well. Most of the available weight loss tips ( I mean free tips) are guiding you how to have a good exercise, or diet plan in order to lose your body weight in short of time. But it may not be suitable for yourself, as all of us have different body types, life styles, eating habits and other factors.

When you get any weight loss program or weight loss tips from any books or internet, do not follow the tips or given weight loss programs blindly. You should always make your own research about any kind of exercise plan or diet plan, then only design and customize your own weight loss plan accordingly.

From the starting, you may find it is difficult for you to design your own weight loss plan. First of all, you need to know:

1. Your body type – related to your metabolism rate.
2. Your life style – what kind of exercises are really available for you.
3. Eating habits – for example, Asian used to have rice for their meal, but Caucasians are not. So how about you?
4. Your Weight Loss Goal.
5. Targeted Period to achieve.

From the detail above by yourself, I believe that you know what should you do to the next, else you can always contact me if you need my advice from my blog.

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