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Why do people with morbid obesity lose weight so quickly on these shows weight loss?


question Starlight : Why is morbidly obese people to lose weight so quickly on these shows weight loss ? On the Biggest Loser for example, they lose nearly £ 17 a week, I see men that are well beyond the fall of the mark £ 400 to 190 in four months, it is simply absurd. Is not this a healthy weight loss no more than four pounds per month, they are giving these people the speed or something or is it the severely obese have a faster mechanism for weight loss when they begin to exercise. Does anyone sait.Meilleure response:

Answer by man of honor

It is easier for them to lose weight because they have more weight. For example, it would be impossible for a man to lose 175 pounds to 50 pounds. What do you think? Answer below!