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How important it is to structure your diet to your blood type? please answer :)?


question Kelsie Lindon : What is the importance of structuring your diet for your blood type? Please answer :) What is the validity of your blood type diet? I know there are different plans for different types of blood, as should eat some more meat, some should eat more grains, etc., but it is important to listen to these Best Answer: < ? / Strong>

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There are populations in the northern latitudes, the choice is no other than more dairy products and meat to survive eating However, these populations suffer from higher rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer (prostate, colon cancer), osteoporosis and diabetes. These effects of high animal protein base are also due to the work of Professor T. Colin Campbell documented called “The China Study” and by many other studies in the past décennies.Il no doubt that some people are more genetic dairy products and meat to her and blood probably eat, but all people have problems with a diet rich in animal-based and processed. The ideal diet for all people is a diet based on whole plant. This is has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies repeatedly over several décennies.Malheureusement, the blood type diet based on speculation and not have to save up for important studies reducing foods and animal foods Unfortunately transformed health benefits relationships with all people, regardless of blood type.
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Please react on this article below … tnx in advance?

Question wine : please react on this article below … tnx in advance ? exercise is more important than calcium supplements for BonesMonday, September 18, 2006 A recent study concluded that the new by taking calcium supplements does not do much to reduce fractures bone in childhood or later life. The study did not cover all the reasons, but it is not the only one. Studies over many years show that bone density is more dependent than eating calcium. OCCURS calcium loss by smoking, excessive alcohol and soda, lack of exercise and eating animal protein. A young person can thin the bones of bad habits to the equivalent of a person âgée.La bone density when you are older depends on what you do now. Physical inactivity is a major risk factor for osteoporosis and fractures. Exercise thickens bones in the muscles pulling on them. Without exercise, you can lose bone density, no matter how much calcium you consume. Without exercise, you “pee” the calcium you eat out. You need calcium to give a reason to stay on your os.Même if you are a young man you need to build bones now. Osteoporotic hip and vertebral fractures are a major cause of illness and death among women and men. One in eight men over 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture, the greater his risk of prostate cancer. The mortality rate in the year following a hip fracture is nearly twice as high for men as for femmes.Recherche in elderly populations shows ability to increase bone density with exercise. Weightlifting is often referred to as necessary. People think they need to go to a gym or buy dumbbells for home use. Weightlifting includes lifting groceries children, and packages around the house. Weight resistant activity is to move, pull, lift and your own body weight. You can load your thigh at the hip, a major site of osteoporosis, by bending right using your legs whenever you need to bend every day. Jump to Disc Pain – Not a Mystery, easy to fix for advice. Future posts will show more bone building exercise activities quotidiennes.Plusieurs vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables help bone density. Thus, the calcium needs vitamin D to work. Sunlight is a source often overlooked. Sunlight is needed for your immune system, bones, mood and overall health. There are those who say that there is no exposure to the sun safely. Balance your exposure time to reduce the risk of cataracts and skin cancer. Get out of your chair and go outside in the sun for exercise every jours.Meilleure response: Response

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me made to feel like I need to exercise more. Add your own answer in the comments!