Lunges and Plyometrics

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Lisa has been competing in the bikini division with the NPC organization since July 2011 and fell in love with it. Competing keeps her body in the best condition it can possibly be in and keeps her laser focused on eating 6 healthy meals a day. She has 2 children that are competitive athletes, so it is important to teach them how to take care of their body for maximum performance. She works a full time job as a pharmaceutical representative. Excuses are not apart of her lifestyle. She is striving to be a professional athlete in the IFBB league and to be an internationally published fitness model.

Lunges and Plyometrics for Tight Legs and Glutes!

I have been asked so many times for my leg and glute workout so I thought I would share one variation of it with you that blast calories and fat as well as tightens and tones your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Typically I train legs 2 times a week or every 4 days.  My workouts depend on my schedule for the day because I work full time as a pharmaceutical rep and I am married with 2 children! I have a lot to juggle and sometimes my workouts have to be intense and quick like today for instance!  Every other leg workout, I will incorporate plyometrics into my training for added intensity.

Truly plyometrics are my secret to great glutes. Not many people are willing to jump around the gym like a monkey but if you are then here is a workout that when you combine a good clean diet with it you will look back in time and be excited about your progress.

I have also recommended some supplements that I use on training days. I love “GO” by EXT for my pre workout drink. I add GO to 6 ounces of water about 15 – 20 minutes before I begin my training.  It gives me just a little more edge and ability to get more reps in especially when I am incorporating plyometrics. I also use “Blox” by BPI which are Silk Amino Acids used post workout with 8 ounces of water.

Amino Acids are your building blocks for muscle.  There are a lot of great supplements out there but these are the ones I have at home that I use and have had success with. Please inbox me on Facebook or Twitter with any questions or comments!!!

xoxo Lisa

5 minute warm up on treadmill
*Smith machine lunges 20 reps each leg 3 sets
Jump lunges 30 seconds
*Walking lunges with db’s 25 reps each leg 3 sets
Box jumps 30 seconds
*Curtsy lunges 25 reps each leg 3 sets
20 Frog jumps
*Reverse lunges 25 each leg 3 sets

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