How much weight did you lose on Weight Watchers?

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Question by Fix You: How much weight did you lose on Weight Watchers?
I started the Weight Watchers points system 8 weeks ago and I’ve only lost 12lbs…I am a fairly large woman with 179lbs more to lose in order to get to my goal weight…I wish the weight would drop off faster…
I’d like to know from Weight Watchers clients (former or present), what were your results and how long did it take to reach your goal? If you used another means of weight loss, please share. I am just weighing out my options (no pun intended). Thank you in advance for your responses!

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Answer by Olivia here.
It is different for everyone, if you are heavier you will lose more weight than someone lighter if you’re doing the same task. It also depends on how long you keep it up for and how much extra exercise you do will taking the diet. Honestly none of these diets work – yes they may work for losing weight however you cannot live on point systems for the rest of your life and so when you quit the weight will just flood back on. The way to lose weight is change your lifestyle. Try to cut out sweets, still allow yourself chocolate but just eat dark chocolate, this is healthier. Instead of eating bread – which is very fattening, eat Ryvitas instead (these are way healthier). You should also walk to places. If something is up the road instead of driving, walk or get on a bike. I can guarantee this will work.

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