How much weight will I lose if I swim one hour daily for 2 weeks?

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carolio question : How much weight will I lose if I swim one hour a day for two weeks I do not eat much, I eat fruits and drink plenty of water, I’m on my 3rd day and I wonder how much weight will I lose if I continued to swim for 1 hour every day for about 2.5 weeks! Best answer: Answer

by asdedc

you would probably lose 15-20 pounds if you eat very very light. Give your answer to this question below!

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  1. Betty B says:

    I burn about 8 calories a minute swimming so one hour would be 480 calories which would be almost one pound of fat reserves loss a week (each pound of fat reserves is 3,500 calories of exercising).

    Now, you have to make sure you eat as much as you need before exercising, which is your Basal Metabolic Rate
    (The BMR for women is the weight in pounds x 3.26 + 795 and for men, it’s the weight in pounds x 4.63 + 879.)

    If you eat under your BMR, your body will go into starvation mode and will adapt to lower caloric requirements FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE, and it will be very hard for you to use your fat reserves and as soon as you eat normally again, your body will just make fat reserves and you’ll regain all the weight you lost, and then some and keep gaining, without even eating much.

    Also, you need proteins for your muscles and the good kind of fat (nuts, avocados, fish) for your brain, spine, organs and skin. 60% of carbs, 15% of proteins and 25% of fat is a good start.

    Please, don’t become a statistic on overweight and obese people just because you did not eat enough at one point and ended up with a low metabolism!

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