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question neener : 19 years of women’s needs HELP TIPS FOR LOSING WEIGHT …. I recently made my decision that im sick and tired of being overweight. I tried diet and exercise, but I always get discouraged. I have access to a decent gym in my apartment complex complete with weights. The exercise bike, a treadmill and party supply elliptiqueLa sure I can manage since I’ve done it before and it worked [as I said I get discouraged and eventually stopping power ], but the part im exercising worry. I’m not worried about muscle definition … just fat loss. This is IT. Does anyone out there have a tip or two things I could try? My goal is to lose atleast 50 pounds. [Keep in mind that men and women lose weight differently now ;) ] Thank beaucoup.C is a video I made myself atleast hier.Fondamentalement starting at 205 pounds and wants to get off 150eLa thing about me is that I have a good weight, and most of my calves and thighs muscles. My “problem” is my stomach [obviously] thing, my hip and within the area, and my bras.des specific exercises for these areas would be very utile.http :/ / www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHGz1vqa1XoMeilleure response : Response

by Apoorva

once u start exercising stop Tellows is rule # 1, next thing not to eat things like a zillion calories, do not lose hope, all the girls better tha What do you think? Answer below!


  1. Siksika Child of the Earth says:

    I understand that you are not interested in muscle definition. As a woman I understand. However the best way to decrease fat is to increase muscle. Muscle burns fat. My recommendation is to Do cardio 3 days a week and do light weight training or resistance twice a week. Only use the light weights 2-8 lbs. This will allow enough muscle gain to increase fat burning without creating bulk.

    Good Luck!

  2. adel17_is says:

    Do not ever take diet pills. They do not work, and it is a waste of your money. I think you should start trying to make your metabolism go a little faster. To do this, you should eat several times during the day, but in small amounts. Also, you could get involved in an activity that could help you lose weight. Karate is a great way to lose weight, have fun, and learn how to defend yourself. Good luck!

  3. Jane K says:

    First of all good for you in trying to get in shape … its takes a lot of will power and determination you can do it…
    I started my goal of losing weight in March.
    I started out walking a lot and then joined the gym and got a program from a trainer there. I told him my goals and he gave me some tips.
    I wanted to lose about 50 pounds as well .
    To burn fat … you must have some kind of cardio exercises
    For me treadmill, elliptical
    some strengtening and lifting weights
    You have to find something you enjoy doing or you will get bored … I found listening to music when working out gets me really pumped.
    work your way up … start out slow … you soon will find that you have more energy and want to do more.. once you see changes in your body form … you’ll feel so much better and want to exercise more … Good luck to you …

  4. xylocopa1961 says:

    You need sustained exertion on a regular basis. Start walking 30 minutes a day, and gradualy work up to 90 minutes a day.

    And if you think you don’t have 90 minutes a day to spend walking, ask yourself this: do I have 90 minutes a day to spend hating my life because I’m fat?

  5. Mary Anne says:

    You need to schedule exercise. On a calender, write down when you are going to work out. This will help you take it more seriously.

  6. harry says:

    i understand your situation my dear but you don’t worry if you really want to lose your weight, don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts ,drink fresh jucies.if you want more details view the website.for more info contact me at arafath_aaaa@yahoo.co.in

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