Q&A: Good weight loss exercises for a 15 yr old?

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Question by Ben U: Good weight loss exercises for a 15 yr old?
I’m 15 and I need to lose weight. I’m 14 stone and 5ft 11, which makes my BMI 27, which is overweight.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and I have a good idea of what to do diet wise but I am a bit clueless with exercise, so I need help/tips. I am looking for:
Exercises I can do in my bedroom at night (press ups etc. and I also have 4.5kg/10lbs, 2.3kg/5lbs and 1.1kg/2.5lbs dumbbells)
The best thing I can do for weight loss at the gym (I go once a week)
and also any other exercises/simple things I can do.

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Answer by Ali
Actually, you don’t need to diet in fact in order to lose weight, I discovered this at the web portal in the box below, they have a lot of tips and tricks, I melted away 9 pounds by following their helpful advice.

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4 Commentsto Q&A: Good weight loss exercises for a 15 yr old?

  1. MSM says:

    75% of fat loss is a good diet. Drink lots of water and cut sweets/sugars. You can do push up, sit ups, squats, and pull ups. The key is compounds movements.

  2. Shannon says:

    Good old fashion diet and exercise will do the trick

  3. Jay says:

    bend your knees too so you get a glute action

    chin up straight back

    walk everyday for 30 minutes

  4. Z says:

    The best exercise is to run in my opinion. Try running in place and doing jumping jacks. Then start doing them while holding small weights and work your way up. In the gym CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO.

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