What is a good weight loss workout plan that i can do at the gym?

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Question by serendipity412: What is a good weight loss workout plan that i can do at the gym?
I want to lose about 10 pounds by the end of the summer. i have been going to gym since january but i have not seen any progress. I want a work out that will integrate cardio with weight lifting and give me the maximum weight loss results. any advice would be great!!

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Answer by fitman
Here is a workout that changes weekly so that the routine does not get stale:


Remember to also eat properly.

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  1. Momma Knows says:

    Have you talked with the personal trainer at the gym?

    By not seeing your body structure it would be hard to give you a program that would fit your body and your needs. I could guess and give you the standard answers but that might not be the most effective program for you.

    Each gym has a trainer and they will usually work with a client for a low fee (usually $ 25) or the gym itself offers one free visit with a trainer. The trainer will take a good look at you, then work with you on a few pieces of equipment to see your current level and show you exactly what YOU need to do to improve YOUR body.

    You normally only need to work with the trainer once to get a baseline review. However, you may find that 6 months down the road you may want to get a follow up visit so that your progress can be assessed and they would then chart out your next 6 months depending on your progress.

    Working with someone who actually watches you workout is the best way the get the best body quickly and safely.

  2. Michael J says:

    Okay… try with a 3 days on 1 day off, 2 days on 1 day off, split routine at the gym. Each day, you will do 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise after your weight routine. Weight routine should be 2-3 exercises per muscle group. You can vary them up to keep your body guessing.

    Day1: Chest & Triceps
    Day2: Back & Biceps
    Day3: Legs & Shoulders

    Also, check out the below websites. The first one is a new fitness site that gives out all kinds of tips and methods, and the second site will show you how to eat properly so that your time in the gym is not wasted!

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