Q&A: any one know where I can find a vegan diet plan?

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Question by bigmikeyb245: any one know where I can find a vegan diet plan?
I have recently decided to become a vegan and I was wondering if any one knows where I can find a diet plan that’s pretty much already laid out for like atleast a month preferably longer something that might tell me how many calories it is stuff like that. I had bought smoe cook books but realized that yeah I could cook what’s in the book but I may not be getting the nutrients I need with what I choose so if any one can help please let me know.


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Answer by bildymooner
Hopefully no where. As you will be sick. and soon die an early death.

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  1. ebenevides says:

    I’m not sure where to get a meal plan for a month. This site has lots of useful info including weekly meal plan. I would suggest a good multivitamin to help with nutrients your not getting.

  2. starchild says:

    I don’t know of any actual diet plan book but if you do your research you will find it much easier to be an educated vegan than to try to live out of a book plan.
    Here is a 90 day plan to get you started while you learn more about being a vegan.

    Then I would reccomend reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. It will help you to understand how easy it actually is to get everything you need from a vegan diet. The truth is that the source of all the nutrients we need is plants. Yes, even protein! So by going directly to the source our bodies absorb more of the nutrients in our food, instead of trying to get nutrients from an animal that eats plants. The only thing I have any trouble getting enough of is B vitamins. If I ate more organic it may not be such a problem, but it is an easy fix. I just take a vegetarian B complex and I am great! (watch for gel caps, they are not vegan) You will have to eat more than three times a day to get enough calories, but I rather enjoy that.
    If you are concerned you can always find a good nutritionist to do a work up and let you know if you are deficient in any one nutrient, then you can keep an eye out for foods with that in them. Try to avoid supplements whenever possible as they are harder to absorb than a natural food sourced vitamin.
    Welcome to the solution! I am glad you found us!!

  3. horsegrrl85 says:

    go to http://www.peta.org . This site will give you info about being vegan.

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