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    1. J. Sullivan "jlisa" says:
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      Dukan Diet Book, 17 Jun 2010

      This review is from: The Dukan Diet (Paperback)

      I’m really glad I bought this book.
      I am on the Dukan Diet and was eager to start it based on website reviews. However, while there is a lot of free information out there about the diet, none of the information was complete or even completely accurate. Many sites that claim to give you the facts on the diet actually contradict each other, and so after sorting through it all, I ended up with more questions than answers. The diet is new here, making its way from France and the UK mostly by rumor and word of mouth. The official website is not yet fully functional.

      If you are not completely familiar with the diet it consists of 4 phases.(I will simplify here:) The first phase lasts an average of 5 days and is nothing but lean protein and water. The second is alternating days of protein only days and protein plus vegetable days and this phase lasts until you are at your goal weight. Phase three is where you continue as in phase two but add in specific foods to your diet (bread, cheese, fruit)and get “celebratory meals” 2x a week. The final phase is where you eat whatever you want everyday except Thursday which is a protein only day. This is for life. Those are the basics in a nutshell – but there is a lot more to know about what is allowed or not allowed and it is well-laid out in the book. Sticking to these foods, you can eat as much as you want whenever you want – and don’t worry, there are plenty.

      The book took a while to get here but it was worth the wait. Despite the language differences, it is well-written and very easy to understand. The diet seems to be well structured and the reasoning and science is well-explained and easy to “get”. It also addresses specific issues that women face when trying to lose weight – which has been a question mark in other diets. The book has some recipes, a few I really like and rely on, some that just don’t cut it for me. After the first 5 days you can really get creative with allowed foods, so its not a big deal.

      In all, the diet is easy to understand, grasp and follow. In my opinion as a lifelong dieter, this will be my last. I am in my late 40′s, have lost 10 pounds in about 3 weeks and feel comfortable in that I will be able to easily stick to subsequent phases that will prevent me from re-gaining the weight. This is largely due to the fact that you continue to see results on the scale even after the first week of losing water weight. (Unlike Atkins where I dropped the weight and then had little patience or will power to follow through with the latter phases.)

      Having the book has allowed me to follow the diet accurately, so it works more efficiently. I am not hungry between meals and my energy level is high.
      I suggest getting the book if you are serious about being on this diet.

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    2. Toots says:
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      Listen to the hype! Not the doom., 21 July 2011

      This review is from: The Dukan Diet (Paperback)

      I’m a healthy weight but recently I’ve noticed that I’m heavier than I feel comfortable with. I heard about this diet when – following injury that prevented the increase of my exercise schedule – I was looking for a quick fix launch pad. I’m 10 days in and hoping to get from 11ish stone to 10ish stone (I’m 5″9 female mid20s). I have to say that I’ve found this pretty easy so far and so I wondered what people were saying about it. I’ve just read the negative reviews and I want to add my twopence because although this obviously isn’t for everyone I wouldn’t want anyone to be put off by horror stories.

      If you feel a bit headachey and rubbish in the first couple of days it’s because the pure protein in the attack phase is eliminating your sugar. It’s like getting over an addiction cold turkey. Once you’re over that hill you’ll actually feel better than you did before and once you’ve detoxed on sugar you will stop being hungry for it (sugar actually increases your appetite generally anyway). Totally worth it and worst case scenario very easy to handle with some nuerofen and lots of water.

      If you might be prone to constipation or fear it take some fibre supplements in the protein stage and then choose fibre rich veggies. Does not have to be an issue at all.

      If you miss veggies or lack will power just pay closer attention to the pounds and inches falling off you. Not many diets give you results you can see so quickly. I find that changes in the gym take about 3 weeks to show too. The period of extreme protein is not long. And you can see it working. It is worth it and you can do it.

      You can eat as much as you want – yes it’s certain foods but there are so many options – you shouldn’t be at all hungry. Drink loads of water.

      While I can’t comment on the longevity of the weight loss achieved on this yet I think that anyone with sense would know that rapid weight loss needs to be maintained carefully. One reviewer said they lost 4 stone in 4 months and then gained 5 in 5. Would you not stop at one stone and hit the start of the diet again for a week? When you get buff perhaps hit the gym and absolutely watch the portions to look after the new you.

      Ultimately though dieting isn’t a piece of cake, nor should it be. Think about how many easy moments took you to this place. In my experience this is about as simple as it gets. I know that I already look and feel better than I did just over a week ago and I wouldn’t say it’s been a struggle.

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    3. Julie Morgan "Jinx" says:
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      Dr Dukan did it for me……., 21 Sep 2010
      Julie Morgan “Jinx” (Pontypool) –

      This review is from: The Dukan Diet (Paperback)

      First the book – yes, arrived in jet speed time from Amazon as with all books. Can’t fault it. Yes, I suppose the text can seem a tad repetitive but I think he’s just trying to ensure the messages get into our subconcious on every level. No need for me to go into the 4 stages – lots of other reviews have done that (you almost don’t need to buy the book!). Would I recommend this – most definately. Because it works – but you have to work as well. It ain’t no miracle cure.

      Look, I’m a 54 year old female, so menopausal okay! And we gals know that wherever Mrs Menopause goes, weight gain tags along behind (in more ways than one!). Six weeks ago standing at 5ft 3ins and weighing 11st 5lb – not a good look, trust me. Size 14 heading for a size 16, aaargh noooooo. Six weeks ago caught sight of Dr Dukan on Amazon, read the reviews. Six weeks later – having to go out a buy size 12 trousers cos all my size 14 are drowning me! Okay so I didn’t have a lot to lose but in some ways that’s more difficult. Like most of us I’ve tried all sorts of diets in all the decades since the 70′s. Yes you do lose some weight, stagnate and then give up and on go the pounds again. Believe me:


      I’ve not once been hungry, never been bored, no cravings and no calorie counting. I don’t miss bread, rice, pasta nor potatoes. Never felt ill! and I absolutely love my half hour walk every evening – my time, my space. And I feel wonderful.

      But to me now – this is not a diet but a way of life. I have complete confidence in being able to maintain my ideal weight and still enjoy good meals, eating out and even chocolate! I am not on a diet – I have found a new way of living with food. Try bolognese with a lovely green savoy cabbage – absolutely beautiful.

      Trust me – this works.

      PS: I’ve lost 12lbs in six weeks.

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