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How important it is to structure your diet to your blood type? please answer :)?


question Kelsie Lindon : What is the importance of structuring your diet for your blood type? Please answer :) What is the validity of your blood type diet? I know there are different plans for different types of blood, as should eat some more meat, some should eat more grains, etc., but it is important to listen to these Best Answer: < ? / Strong>

answer Skeptic

There are populations in the northern latitudes, the choice is no other than more dairy products and meat to survive eating However, these populations suffer from higher rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer (prostate, colon cancer), osteoporosis and diabetes. These effects of high animal protein base are also due to the work of Professor T. Colin Campbell documented called “The China Study” and by many other studies in the past d├ęcennies.Il no doubt that some people are more genetic dairy products and meat to her and blood probably eat, but all people have problems with a diet rich in animal-based and processed. The ideal diet for all people is a diet based on whole plant. This is has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies repeatedly over several d├ęcennies.Malheureusement, the blood type diet based on speculation and not have to save up for important studies reducing foods and animal foods Unfortunately transformed health benefits relationships with all people, regardless of blood type.
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Does anyone know the Blood Type Diet and what a A+ blood should eat?

Question by missyslair: Does anyone know the Blood Type Diet and what a A+ blood should eat?
Don’t have money to buy the book but just needed a quick guide to what is best to eat for my blood.

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Answer by bbsmurf
Here is a great web site for it. I strongly recommend you do the simple thing of starting each day with a cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice in in it. It is not sour at all and I am amazed at the difference in my digestive
issues from this one, simple change/addition to my diet!

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