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How do you create a Crossfit training schedule?


Question by plobenebmx: How do you create a Crossfit training schedule?
I want to try a crossfit training program, I go to the gym and lift weights conventionally but I was told that if I wanted a challenge to try crossfit. Unfortunately all I can find online is workouts of the day, there is no weekly routine or even a page explaining the logic of how to make a workout schedule. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Slavinadian
Day 1- Back/ Biceps/ Wrist Flexors
Day 2- Cardio (optional: abs/calves)
Day 3- Chest/ Triceps? Wrist Extensors
Day 4- Cardio (optional: abs/calves)
Day 5- Legs/ Shoulders
Day 6- Abs/Forearms/Calves (optional cardio)
Day 7- Rest

Eat 5-6 small-medium meals with around 30grams of protein each if you are adding muscle, If you are trying to lose fat or just say in shape focus more on vegetables. Focus on healthy foods like chicken, turkey, tuna, beans and such. Saturated fats are bad as well as too many carbohydrates and sugar. Drink lots of water and stretch before and after you work out. CHANGE your workout every 1 1/2 months to avoid a physical plateau (peaking performance and making no further gains) and by changing workout I mean try different exercises such as (if you were doing barbell flat bench press month 1 try doing dumbell flat or dumbell flat incline press for month 2) This will focus on balance muscles you have not worked previously and will make you continue to see gains as well as get stronger. If you want to try supplements most of them do not work. But here is a list of things that may help.

Protein- Taken when you cannot make chicken/tuna/turkey or right after your workout.
L-Glutamine- Helps with the recovery of muscle fibers.
Creatine- Usually just adds more water to muscles to make them look bigger
ZMA- Vitamins that are taken before bed to help recovery
Casein Protein- Protein best absorbed at night
NO Xplode- Nitric Oxide that opens veins wider to allow more blood flow to muscles and is taken before workouts to help get psyched.(not really recommended)

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