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What is the difference between the Atkins diet and low carb diet?


question ME : What is the difference between the Atkins diet and low carb diet I want to lose weight. I feel that I put on a “diet”, because otherwise I do not eat no idea what I can and can have, and what I should do and what not to do. What is the difference between a low-carb diet, and go on the Atkins diet? Are they the same? If it is not, the better is Thank you for your answers :) Best Answer:

response from Rainbow Chaser

Atkins Prone to you really have to low carbohydrate consumption of something like 14 grams, where others (Protein Power) start 20 grammes.Selon you that you could say, you know your protein intake a little differently. Again, the amount is quite a difference faible.Quel diet poor in carbohydrates sure to read the book and follow the diet exactly what to do. If you eat a ton of fatty foods and then you throw too many carbs be sorry. So make sure you eat protein necessary to stop because you would lose weight if you do not eat assez.Bonne luck! The first time I did Atkins I dropped 20 pounds like it was nothing. The second time, I could not lose a pound to save my life. Add your own answer in the comments!