My Fitness Journey and Routine

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Heidi Cannon is a WBFF PRO Fitness Model, Stunt Performer, Dancer and Athlete. She entered her first show in May 2011 where she placed 2nd in the BCABBA Fitness Category, She entered a WBFF show 2 weeks later and placed 3rd in the Diva Fitness model category. In June 23 2012 she entered the WBFF fitness model and bikini diva model caterogry where she got first place and her pro card for fitness model and 3rd place for bikini diva. Her plans are to compete at the wbff worlds in 2013 and will be competing in mulitple dance competitionsons in early 2013 as well as training for her first rode bike race.

When did you start working out and what inspired you to do so?
I have always worked out but what really sparked me into training and competing was getting ready for my wedding day :

What is your favorite cheat food?
PIZZA!!!!!!!!! If I could I would live off it!

Describe your workout routine: (Days/Exercises/Sets/Reps)

Morning: Cardio spin class or out door cycle ride
Evening: 2 hrs of cardio (dancing)

Morning: 6am spin class 1hr
Afternoon: Chest/back

Morning: Cardio (treadmill /elliptical or Cycle 1hr)
Abs triceps /biceps /shoulders

Morning: 6am spin 1hr
Evening: weighted legs/gluts

Morning:1hr cardio treadmill or elliptical Triceps/biceps/shoulders/abs
Evening: dance 2hrs

Usally Ride my dirt bike or cycle

Morning: Cardio ( Racing my dirt bike) or Running for 45mins -hour

To intensify my workouts I typically wear my 30 pound vest, to get that extra calorie burn!

Describe your nutrition plan
Protein !! Very basic lots of veggies of fish and chicken rice and lean red meat

What time of day do you workout and why?
Its all above in my workout plan :)

What’s your best fitness tip (this could be related to training, nutrition, personal attitude)
Try and try again! I you first don’t succeed then try try again! This is me to a “T” Im very determined and if I want something bad enough I try my best to do it! Nothing in life comes easy ! You have to work for it, but when you get it , The feeling is amazing!

How do you balance career/social life/family and fitness?
LOl ask my hubby! I would have to say marrying a man and having friends that are similar interests is key ! I always surround myself with positive people with goals and drive!!

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